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Running out of storage space in your home? Curious about the difference flooring your loft would make? Then book your free loft survey today to find out more and get a comprehensive quote!

During the survey, we will have a look at your loft and discuss the opportunities you can create by flooring your loft – either in part or in its entirety. You will also learn more about how our BBA-certified & NHBC-compliant raised loft flooring protects your insulation & warranty.

Afterwards, you will receive a comprehensive quote from us and you can book your installation with a simple click!

Even better: We cover the whole of Scotland and you can choose between an in-person survey and a remote survey via the buttons below!

Our services & quotes cover:

Loft Flooring

Inside loft with flooring and trussesRaised over insulation without affecting ventilation. Find out more about loft flooring.

Loft Ladders

A variety of loft ladders to suit your needs. Timber, Aluminium, Telescopic and Concertina. Find out more about our Loft Ladders.

Loft Lighting

Loft Lighting in an older loftLow-energy, ultra-bright LED loft lighting. Slim profile and professionally fitted. Find out more about our Loft Lighting.

How to prepare

To discuss your options re loft flooring, ladders, hatches and lighting and put a quote together for you, we need to see your loft. For in-person surveys, we will bring what we need to safely access your loft in case you don't have a ladder in place.

If you prefer a remote survey, it would be helpful if you can send us a few pics if you have safe access to your loft. (You will be able to submit them in the form when making your booking or you can email them to us separately.)

Things we'd like to see:

    • ● Truss style in loft, any cross beams in the way
    • ● Any obstructions – tank/solar panel inverter/waste pipes/ducting
    • ● Hall space for ladder options

Also, if you are in a new build, it would be helpful to know the house 'style' as well as the name of the developer and development your house is in.

This is particularly helpful if you choose a remote survey as we might be able to take the measurements of your loft from your house type. Otherwise, if you have access and are able to take measurements, then those will also help us prepare your quote.

What to expect

Our surveys usually take less than 30 mins. Our surveyors are polite and, for our in-person surveys, will either remove shoes at the door or wear covers over them.

To put together a comprehensive quote for you, we will ask you about:

    • Your house – Location, age, style, developer. So we know how much flooring will fit in your loft, still leaving room for ventilation.
    • Your loft access – Do you have an existing hatch or ladder? Is there space for it to be enlarged or a wooden ladder to be fitted?
    • ● Your goals – How much storage space would you like to achieve? What lighting and power options do you need for that?

Once we have everything we need, we should be able to give you a rough idea of cost during your survey. You will then receive a comprehensive quote by email, listing the options we discussed.

And when you’re happy with everything, you can book your installation by accepting your quote online. As easy as that!

Book your REMOTE LOFT SURVEY here:


Alternatively, you can contact us by email. We would be more than happy to discuss your options!

Your guarantee

Once on site, our team will confirm the measurements with you before any work gets done. This way you have full control over the cost and scope of the work and can be sure to get the best results!


    • ● Surveys can be cancelled or rescheduled with no penalty.
    • ● There is no obligation to proceed with any quote.
    • ● Quotes are based on information provided by you, the customer. Any information found to be incorrect at the time of installation will be discussed prior to work commencing, and any changes to the price of the quote will also be communicated to you and must be agreed before work may commence. You have the option to choose not to go ahead if the quote must change as a result of any miscommunication and you will not suffer any penalty.
    • ● No deposit is required, unless paying by 0% finance when a minimum 10% deposit will be taken prior to installation.
    • ● You will be invoiced on the day services are completed. Invoices are due within 7 days of receipt.
    • ● You can pay by bank transfer, or online by debit or credit card using the link on your electronic invoice, or by calling us on 0131 644 3108. Lines are open from 7am-11pm.
    • ● Cheques are not accepted, sorry.
    • ● All goods, materials, products purchased and supplied by the company will remain the property of the company until payment has been received and cleared in full.
    • ● Late payments will trigger a fee of £25 and will accrue interest at a rate of 8.00% annually on the amount still owing and will be passed to a debt collection agency.

Let's create more space for your home!