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Make Room for Christmas – Create More Space in Your Home for the Festive Season

Make Room for Christmas – Loft Storage Made Easy

Soon, it’s that time of year again! Christmas shopping, Black Friday sales and finding suitable present hiding places in the house. 

Then there’s the issue of finding space for the Christmas tree & your favourite decorations in your living room. Not to mention fitting friends & family in the living room come Christmas Day (fingers crossed!).

If this has got you thinking ‘I need more space in my home!’ then you’re in luck. Because you’re not alone and there’s a handy little blog post to help you right here.

Pour yourself a cuppa, leave all your bags and boxes to one side and let’s Make Room for Christmas in your home!

1. Clear The Clutter

Are you a hoarder that saves things just because? We all know a few people like that! At this time of year where there’s extra space needed, have a winter clear out. Out with the old and in with the new as they say.

However, if there are things you just can’t part ways with, pop them somewhere that you know will be safe and just remember where it comes January when it’s all over for another year.

2. Selling = Extra Money For Christmas

A pair of shoes you’ve only worn once? That dress you bought which still has the tag on it? If you’re guilty of this, there is a way that you can make room for that extra special Christmas party outfit.

Sell any clothing or other items using Marketplaces on Facebook or websites such as DePop can make all the difference! And use the money to buy a present or two (for yourself, of course!).

3. Creating Creative Spaces

Smaller space? Not an issue. Use suitcases to keep non-Christmassy decorations or ornaments. That way they won’t get broken or damaged during the festive period.

Another way to keep storage is by using Tupperware in your fridge. This will make it easier to stack food up in there and maximise the space, especially if you’re the one cooking Christmas dinner this year.

4. Check off your Christmas Check List

Keep a checklist of what you have done so far for Christmas shopping – both present and food-wise. This will help with budgeting at this busy time of year.

You’ll be able to plan in advance where you can store bigger items such as bulky boxes and the turkey with all the trimmings for Christmas Day.

5. Love your Loft

The loft may be the storage place for everything, but remember that it can only hold a certain amount of items.

Use your loft space efficiently. This will make a massive difference not only during Christmas but the other 11 months of the year as well!

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