Loft Flooring by Professional Installers Throughout Scotland

New home owners are often told that they can’t use their loft as storage space. Cue piled up boxes & rarely used items, crammed into a cupboard or – worse – your garage.

But it doesn’t have to be that way!

It’s true, you don’t want to compromise your insulation or restrict ventilation when adding flooring to your loft.

And that’s where LoftZone comes in. This certified & industry-approved loft boarding system brings you all the benefits – most of all, protecting your insulation & your warranty – without the risks & downsides.

Read on to find out how it works! And if you still have questions, check out our Loft Boarding FAQs or get in touch.

Why Raised Flooring?

There are two main reasons why loft flooring must be raised, and not placed directly on the joists.

  1. Squashing insulation drastically reduces its efficiency. It's the air gaps within which keep your house warm.
  2. Placing boards directly on joists restricts ventilation and can prevent moisture escaping from insulation.

Why LoftZone?

LoftZone is a multi award-winning loft flooring product. It is the only system currently available which carries independent certification by the BBA making it suitable for use in homes with the recommended amount of insulation. Other plastic support products don't have this endorsement.

Using timber to build up the joists is commonly done, but is not recommended. It restricts cross-joist airflow, fails thermal bridging requirements and is far heavier than the LoftZone system. Learn more >

LoftZone Airflow

LoftZone Fitted for ÂŁ85/m2 inc VAT.

Includes all materials, installation and a 5-year warranty on installation.

Minimum 6m2. As a guide, our average install is around 15m2.

Fastest to Install

Most installations are completed within one day. Only the largest jobs take up to 2 days

Safe to Use

Strongest system on the market, and tested to British Standards. BBA approved

Tested to Extremes

UK lofts experience freezing cold and sweltering heat. We've tested to both extremes.


The only way to create a safe deck if your joists are irregularly spaced, as is common in lofts.

Industry Approved

LoftZone StoreFloor is the only BBA approved raised loft floor.

Award Winning

Winner of 7 awards, including Ideal Home Show, Oxford University, Citizens Advice Bureau and the Mayor of London.

Simple, Strong, Unique Design

The patented StoreFloor loft storage system consists of only 3 parts: The metal Cross-Beams, which you screw the boards on to, and the recycled plastic Tri-Supports and Uni-Supports, which screw into your joists and carry the load

LoftZone StoreFloor

Strong galvanized steel cross-beams

The Cross-Beams make the raised deck safe to walk upon and faster to install. Beams are the only safe way to support loftboards, and allow you to avoid inevitable obstructions on joists such as pipes or wiring. Other leg or stilt products are unable to do this

LoftZone Beams

Adjustable supports for irregularly spaced joists

The Cross-Beams slide along the top of the Tri-Supports – to deal with the common problem of variable spacing between joists. Without this, the boards may not reach the next joist and will be unsafe

LoftZone Adjustable Supports

Lighter and faster to install than timber

StoreFloor is much lighter and faster than using timber to raise the loft floor, and is a better insulator too - keeping your heating bills down

LoftZone StoreFloor Kit

Designed to promote airflow to reduce condensation

StoreFloor leaves an air gap underneath the boards, to prevent condensation. (Note that some other raised loft products aren’t tall enough for this essential feature)

LoftZone Airflow
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"Fantastic company. Came out to us on Friday afternoon and got on with the job in super quick time. Delighted with the end result."

Alison Ratho

"Great professional service from Andrew, very efficient and helpful. Loft completed in one day and very happy with results, clean and tidy would highly recommend"

Garry Dunfermline

"Most professional and fantastic service. I would say you guys are one of the best firms I have ever dealt with! Seriously."

Collin Kirkcaldy

More Info

Need more information about loft flooring? Read our Loft Flooring FAQs. Or find out more about Loftzone using the links below.

Squashed Insulation

Squashed insulation doesn't work

Research by the National Physical Laboratory proves that squashing insulation at least doubles the heat lost


Loft joists are often irregularly spaced

Joists in lofts are often irregularly spaced or uneven. LoftZone StoreFloor is the only system that can easily cope with this

LoftZone BBA Approved

The only BBA approved system

Enables compliance with Part L, Part K, CDM and Working At Height industry regulations

Compare LoftZone

Compare LoftZone to other products

See why StoreFloor is better than any other way of raising a floor above the full depth of insulation