Interested in 0% finance for your loft flooring?

Finance is a fantastic way to spread the cost of your loft improvement. To make it easy we've partnered with Duologi whose smart technology lets us apply for and then complete your loan application quickly and entirely online.


Step 1 - Check your eligibility

Before you apply please note you will only be considered for finance if you:

  • Are at least 18 years old;
  • Are in regular full or part-time employment (minimum 16 hours per week or £ 5,000 per annum, unless you retired and receiving a private/company pension or in receipt of disability allowance);
  • Are a permanent UK resident and have lived in the UK for at least 3 years;
  • Have a good credit history with no late payments. debt relief orders, CCJs, IVAs or bankruptcies.



Step 2 - Loft Survey & Quote

You can book a 30-minute remote survey straight away, or if you'd like to request an in-person survey in your home you can contact us and we will get back to you.

Once your survey has been completed, we will send you a quote with any possibly options you've requested. When you're ready to go ahead, you can accept your quote online by clicking on the link in your quote. Please let us know of your interest in 0% finance either by leaving a comment in the box provided, or by contacting us after accepting your quote.


Representative Example

Total order value = £3,600
10% deposit = £360
Total amount of credit = £2,240
12 monthly payments of = £270
Duration = 12 months
Representative APR = 0%
Interest charged = £0
Setup fee: £0
Total amount payable = £3,600


Step 3 - Apply for Finance

We will enter your quote figures and contact details into our finance portal. You will then receive a link to an application form where you will need to provide some details to process your application. In order to process your application, Duologi will perform credit and identity checks on you with one or more credit reference agencies (“CRAs”). You will be requested to review their Privacy Policy before completing your application.

In most cases, a decision is received within minutes. We will contact you straight away with the decision, and advise you of any terms and conditions that may be attached to the approval.

To confirm you are happy with the terms and wish to go ahead, you will be requested to sign the Finance Agreement digitally. Approval of a finance proposal will be valid for thirty (30) days after which the approval shall be automatically withdrawn.


Step 4 - Pay a deposit

A minimum deposit of 10% the value of the quotation is required. Maximum deposit is 50%.



The Small Print...

0% Finance Terms

The value of the loan must be between £1,500 and £15,000.
The maximum duration of the loan is 12 months.
A minimum deposit of 10% the value of the quotation is required. Maximum deposit is 50%.
If quote needs to be adjusted before work commences, the value of the deposit required may also need to change to stay within 10%-50% of the total quote value.
Your first direct debit payment will be taken about 30 days after you have received your purchase. This will show on your statement as a payment to Specialist Lending Ltd. You have the right to repay all or part of the loan early at any time.

Finance Decision

Your application will be assessed based on various factors including eligibility, credit history and affordability and Duologi will let you know the outcome of their decision in just a few seconds. It’s important to know that when applying for finance a hard credit check is made and this is recorded on your credit file.

Once approved, you just need to digitally sign your credit agreement, pay your deposit and the process is complete.

In a very few cases, your application may be referred to a lender for manual underwriting. In such cases you’ll be notified by email of the credit decision within 24 hours. If you’re not approved for finance it could be for a variety of reasons. You should gain a copy of your credit file and this will be able to give you more information.


There is a 14-day cooling off period where you can withdraw from the credit agreement after signing your documents. If you wish to do this, you need to notify Duologi.

A finance agreement does not affect our standard refund and returns policy. Just contact us and we can cancel your application and Duologi will refund your deposit.



Are you offering payment breaks during Covid-19 outbreak?

Yes, our finance partner Duologi will be offering all customers the option of a payment break for 3 months.

How do I request I want a payment break for my loan agreement?

Please use the link in your email you will receive from Duologi or alternatively email You can also call Duologi on 0345 521 1881 and choose option 3.

What happens once the 3 months payment break is complete?

The instalments missed during the payment break will be added onto the end of your loan.

How will taking a payment break affect my credit file?

Customers’ credit files will not be affected by the payment break.

When should I tell Duologi I want a payment break?

Please let duologi know you wish to take a payment break at least 10 days before your next payment instalment is due.

What happens if I am late in telling Duologi I would like a payment break?

We appreciate not everyone will be able to tell Duologi in advance of the instalment date – if you miss the 10 day cut off they can start the payment break from the next instalment.

Will there be additional interest charged if paying over a longer term?

No additional interest will be charged.

Do I have to prove any financial difficulty for the payment break to be actioned?

No, Duologi will not ask for your income details in advance of a payment break, it is not means tested.

I am self-employed, can I still ask for a payment break?

Yes, a payment break is available to our self-employed customers too.

Can I cancel my loan instead of a payment break because of the Covid-19 outbreak?

Unfortunately, loans cannot be cancelled and the contract remains in place for the duration of the loan, including the extension of 3 months due to the payment break.

Will I be accepted for finance?

Whether your accepted for finance or not depends on many different factors. Duologi have a dedicated credit team who use a bespoke credit engine to help them reach decisions.

What do I do if I have been declined?

Unfortunately, lenders can reject applications for all sorts of reasons, even if your credit score is impeccable. If you feel that there has been a mistake, please feel free to contact Duologi via email at or by using their live chat feature.

Alternatively, if you are rejected by Duologi, we have the option of referring you to another provider of retail finance.

I’ve changed my mind, can I cancel my agreement?

Of course. You can cancel the agreement with Duologi at any time. If you have had your installation completed you will be required to pay any outstanding balance by an alternative method. If you have not yet had your installation completed then there will be no money to pay and your deposit, if paid, will be refunded.

I want to amend my order

Please contact us if you’d like to make changes to your quote before the work is started. To qualify for finance the updated value of the quote must remain between £1,500 and £15,000 – and your deposit will need to be between 10% and 50% of the updated value. A further credit check may be required.

I have a question about my finance agreement who should I contact?

Please contact Duologi’s after-sales support team on 03455211881 or via email at

For questions about your loft flooring, ladders, lighting or anything else installed by us please contact us on 01316443108 or email

I want to change my direct debit or personal details

Please contact Duologi’s after-sales support team on 03455211881 or via email at

What is a credit search?

A credit search occurs when a third party investigates your credit report. They’re looking to see how you manage your credit now, and how you’ve managed it in the past. This search may then be recorded on your credit report for other third parties to see. This is useful to lenders because if you’ve made multiple applications for credit recently, it could suggest to them that you have an urgent need for credit which you may struggle to pay back.

I’m having problems paying my deposit on-line

We’re sorry to hear this. Please contact Duologi’s pre-sales support team on 03455211881 or via email at

When will I receive a copy of my loan agreement

Your loan agreement along with all the regulatory paperwork is emailed to the email address entered in your application. When your installation has been completed we will then activate the loan. Once the loan is activated you will receive the paperwork via email. If for any reason it isn’t received, please contact Duologi’s after-sales support team on 03455211881 or via email at who will be more than happy to help.

Can I make overpayments?

You can make overpayments or early repayments at no additional cost.  To do this you would need to contact Duologi’s Customer Service team directly on 03455211881 or via email at

Once the payment has been made successfully, Duologi would then recalculate the payment plan.  This would be done by calculating the remaining balance over the remaining term.  They will then issue you confirmation of your new payment plan details via email.   This would also be discussed with you on the phone.

The loan agreement document would not be amended, as this reads what you originally purchased and what the original details were before any payments.


Finance is provided by Duologi which is a trading name of Specialist Lending Ltd. You will be offered the best rate available based on your personal credit history and Duologi's credit decision policies.

Duologi is a trading name of Specialist Lending Ltd. They are registered in England and Wales (company number 10664999) and authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (register number 774712). For more information please go to or visit