COVID-19 Home Visit Safety

COVID-19 Home Visit Safety Measures

At Home Services

Loft Boarding Scotland Ltd is a responsible, safety-conscious company that values the health and wellbeing of its employees, customers and the wider community in which it operates. As such, we have in place a number of measures to keep everybody safe.

We have used guidance from the UK and Scottish Governments, as well as the Federation of Master Builders, to create guidelines pertaining to social distancing, use of PPE, and enhanced communication; all of which enables us to operate safely at work and in our customers’ homes.

1. Prior to your home visit

Upon booking, you will receive an email explaining all of our precautionary measures. The day before your visit we will also call you to check that nobody in your home has developed symptoms and to confirm that our team is all well and that you are happy to proceed with your visit.

2. On the day of your visit

You will receive a text message giving you an approximate arrival time. Prior to setting out, our team will have cleaned all of the touchpoints of their vehicle, any tools used with a previous customer, and used hand sanitiser.

3. On Arrival

When the team member(s) arrive, they will apply hand sanitiser, put on a new pair of gloves and a mask to greet you safely. They will knock and ring at your door, then step back at least 2m. Please allow them a few seconds to step back before you open the door.

The team will perform a quick, precautionary safety checklist with you before entering your home. This is mandatory to ensure your safety and the safety of our staff. We hope you understand.

4. Entering your home

Upon entering your home and throughout the visit, we will keep at least 2m apart from you at all times. To help with this, we would kindly ask that you retire to other rooms and remain there as much as possible during the visit.

We will communicate with you as much as possible by phone call or video call to minimise face to face contact.

5. Quote Check

The first thing our team will do is check the measurements of your quote for accuracy. If there are any adjustments required to the installation and the price of the job, we will call you to confirm the changes before we proceed with the job.

Only if you are happy with the changes shall we proceed. You may choose to cancel the job based on the changes if you wish and there will be no charges for the aborted installation.

6. When in your home

Once the job is confirmed and the work can begin, our team members will lay your floor protection. At this point, they may remove their shoe covers, gloves and face masks to start work. We would ask that you keep at least 2m away from our team and remain in your rooms as much as possible.

Our team will touch the minimum number of surfaces in your home and clean them before leaving. They may need to use your restroom facilities but will clean all touched surfaces afterwards and use our own paper towels which they will remove from your home with their other tissues and waste.

Weather-permitting, the team will try to leave your entrance door open as much as possible. This is to provide ventilation to the area and to reduce door-handle touching.

One other thing - please do not offer the team any refreshments, tea or biscuits - they will have to politely decline.

Any Queries?

We understand this may all feel a bit strange. If you have any questions, are at all uncomfortable with the measures outlined here, or just need a little more reassurance, please don’t hesitate to contact us and we’ll do our best to help.