About Us

Loft Boarding Scotland Van in front of Edinburgh Forth Bridges

Loft Boarding Scotland Ltd was set up in June 2017 by its founder Andrew Johnstone. Moving into a new-build home, Andrew found the lack of storage space to be a problem. He fitted shelves in every space which would allow it. It still wasn't enough, so he looked to the loft.

As a Chartered Engineer, Andrew found many of the common loft flooring options lacking in credibility. Until he discovered LoftZone, which stood out as a clear winner for his home. Ever sociable, Andrew shared this with the neighbours of his development - who were so interested that many of them clubbed together and placed a huge order to have their lofts floored too.

There was clearly high demand for this ingenious product, so Andrew registered the company straight away and teamed up with experienced local joiners and qualified electricians. The company now fits loft flooring, ladders and lighting all over Scotland, not only in new-build homes but in older properties too.