Meet Scotland’s Leading LoftZone Installer

Scotland's leading LoftZone installer

Britain’s homes are getting smaller

What’s the difference between a double-decker bus and a new-build home in Britain? The answer is: not much.

British homes are smaller than ever. The average living space of 67.8 square metres is only slightly larger than the 55 square metres floor space of the iconic buses.*

And, unsurprisingly, this comes with a lack of storage space.

Looking for storage solutions

When our founder, Andrew Johnstone, moved into his shiny new-build home, it didn't take long until he had to get creative and find ways to maximise the space in his house.

Every single available space was quickly fitted with shelves and other neat storage solutions. But even after an intense Marie Kondo decluttering session, it still wasn’t enough for his family of four.

Enter, stage left, the loft with all of its unused space and potential.


Flooring lofts the right way

Many new-build homeowners are told that they can’t use their loft. But as a Chartered Engineer, Andrew wouldn’t take no for an answer and did some research. Turns out, you can floor your loft for storage and, even better, it doesn't impact your building warranty.

Looking at his options, he found many of the common loft floorings lacking in credibility. With the exception of LoftZone, which stood out as a clear winner being the only BBA-approved raised loft boarding system in the UK.

After a successful test in his own loft, Andrew started sharing his discovery with the other residents in his development, resulting in another, huge order of raised loft flooring kits – and lots of happy neighbours!

More storage space for your home

Seeing the high demand & being even more convinced of the benefits of LoftZone, Andrew was now on a mission: He started Loft Boarding Scotland Ltd in June 2017 and quickly became the leading authorised LoftZone installer north of the border.

Since then, our growing team of experienced local joiners & qualified electricians has fitted loft flooring, loft ladders & loft hatches as well as loft lighting all over Scotland, helping even more people extend the available storage space in their new-build homes – and older properties, too!

Available in the whole of Scotland

Being based in the Central Belt between Edinburgh and Glasgow, we offer our services to the whole of Scotland. Whether you’re based in the Borders, Argyll, Perthshire, Aberdeen or Inverness – get in touch and arrange your free survey now!